Rich, dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids and its round, roasted flavour with a touch of bitterness goes perfectly with an older Cognac, with its notes of crystalised (or candied for US)fruit, marmalade and dried fruit such as figs and raisins. The round, opulence of the Cognac will perfectly complement the fine, delicate flavour of the chocolate.


Sweet, nutty praline is a perfect partner for a VSOP Cognac served slightly cool. It aromas of fresh fruit and toasted nuts bring a superb touch of freshness to the luscious creamy praline.


Round, creamy milk chocolate goes perfectly with several types of Cognac. Try it with chilled VS, with hits of vanilla and fresh fruit or an XO at room temperature, brimming with sweetjammy, crystalised (or candied for US) fruit flavours.


A chocolate fondant caramel and the magic of a Cognac Extra issimply a marriage made in heaven.

The hints of exotic fruit, leather and dried flowers of the Cognac have everything to set off the finesse of the chocolate. Enjoy…!







20 th December – Gastronomy and Cognac

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